Leica Fotos App is now free!

Leica stands for the highest quality, and seemigly every product with the Leica name on it has an equally high price tag attached to it. This was also the case for Leicas Fotos App – which had a hefty $50 annual subscription free.

But thats history now. Leicas Fotos app had always let you transfer, view and share photos as well as letting you remote control your camera – all for free, but certain features were locked behind the Pro Version with an annual fee.

Leica has now decided to drop the Pro Subscription model with version 2.2.1 for both iOS and Android, meaning you can now additionally manage your camera settings, download full DNGs from your camera, start and stop video recording and integrate Adobe Lightroom. And if you’ve got an iPad, you can now use the full iPad version.

The only snag at this point is that you need one of the equally pricey compatible Leica cameras to make use of the app….

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