Nikon might be releasing 2 new DSLRs in 2021

According to Nikon Rumors, Nikon recently had an internal presentation where (they most likely didn’t just talk about their drop in sales) the company apparently discussed the release of two new DSLRS in 2021 along with several new F-Mount lenses.

It’s an interesting pieces of news, as Nikon was gearing up for a full strategic shift to the Nikon Z line before the corona virus hit.

Nikon Rumors “confirms” that the F-Mount lenses will be arriving in 2021, but use somewhat more vague terminology when it came to the release of the two DSLRs next year.

As mentioned, Nikon was intent on focusing on the Z Mirrorless lineup, but DSLRs still outsell their mirrorless counterparts – and as the company is still facing economic uncertainty it would be foolish to ignore one of the few profitable segments the company still has.

Nikon Z users can look forward 8(!) z-Mount lenses next year, stocking the lineup to 24 lenses. A 100-400mm lens as well as two macro lenses (60mm and 105mm) are confirmed to be released next year.

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