Nikon says two Super-Telephoto Z Mount Prime lenses arriving by 2022

Back in Mid-October, Nikon unveiled its new Z6II and Z7II cameras and updated its Lens Roadmap with 3 new Z-Mount Prime lenses – the 85mm, 400mm and 600mm lenses.

Now Nikon has released an updated lens roadmap image which at least shows us in silluette form the new upcoming lenses. By the way, its worth counting that Nikon has so far promised consumers 11(!) new lenses.

nikon lens roadmap

Its also worth having a closer look at the 85mm lens – which promises to be a chunky boy judging by its width. Sadly no exact timelines were given when any of these lenses will be released, but it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to assume that at least the super telephoto lenses will hit the market before the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

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