Will we be seeing Sigma lenses for Fuji Cameras in 2021?

Fujifilm has been releasing a host of fantastic APS-C cameras over the years, and no other manufacturer can even compare to the quantity of quality lenses that Fujifilm has released alongside them. As great as Fujis glass is, third party manufacturers have been more or less avoiding the Fuji market – most notably Sigma and Tamron.

There are signs though that this is going to change from 2021 on, at least when it comes to Sigma. Sigma publicly responded (on social media of all places) to a users statement that “they

A user wrote to Sigma stating that they “cant wait for X mount DC DN lenses, and there is no excuses not to make them since Fujifilm released their AF protocols” and Sigma responded with the answer: “Hopefully we’ll see such in 2021”.

Of course this isn’t too much to get excited about. Rumors about Sigma Lenses for Fujifilm cameras have been swirling around for the past few years, most notably from 2018 when the statement was making the rounds that “SIGMA Will Make FUJIFILM X Mount lenses if X series Camera Sales Increase by 20%”. Nothing ever came of this sadly.

There is hope yet though, as back in April 2020, Fujifilm announced that they will release their own protocols so third party manufacturers can develop suitable lenses for X mount cameras. Lets see what the next year has in store.

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