Smith-Victor Showcases 4 Foot Wide Ring Light

Ring lights in all shapes and sizes have become all the rage this year with virtually half the globe being locked up inside filming tiktoks. But if that tiny smartphone ring light ain’t doing it for you – well Smith-Victor has got you covered with its latest product.

Smith-Victor has just released the Saturn Pro – a 48 inch, bi color LED ring light with an impressive 2200 Lux output. It comes equipped with 1408 LEDs, 95 CRI LEDs, has an adjustable color temperature from 3000~5500 kelvin.

The Saturn Pro – most likely named after the massive ring planet – is so big that it needs two stands to keep it up. But don’t be fooled by its size – it quite mobile as well, breaking down into 4 segment and can be stored in the accompanying carrying case.

If you feel like upgrading your lighting game (or you just want to fit your whole extended family in your next video) – the Saturn Pro retails for $480 and comes with the ring (duh), two stands, four diffusers, a wired remote control, and a soft carrying case.

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