Sonys 8k A9S Flagship Killer might be released in line with the CES 2021

Its been a while since we’ve had some fresh rumors about Sonys allaged flagship killer the A9x – but we are slowly reaching the end of the year and some more details seemed to have emerged regarding the release date (or presentation date) and price.

We’ve already had specs leak for the new Sony A7 IV, but this new rumor for a new Sony A9S seems almost too good to be true. But Sony Alpha Rumors have reported that another, more reliable source has come forward to confirm some of the previous rumors that we’ve seen floating around.

Sony A9S Specs

Before we get into the specs – it seems like its still not 100% clear what Sonys new camera will be called. While early rumors went along with the Sony A9s nomenclature, it could very well be called the Sony A9III.

Apparently Sony want’s to get into a little bit of a spec war with Canon and show that their cameras can outperform the EOS R5. The new source confirms that the the new as yet to be confirmed camera will be following the A9S or A9 III naming type, and wont be a direct successor of the Sony A7 SIII.

The first round of specs that were leaked looked like this

  • a pro body
  • a newly developed 50MP sensor
  • be able to shoot 8K Video
  • IBIS (in-body image stabilization)
  • Dual Card Slots
  • 9.44M-dot EVF
  • and the new menu system that we’ve seen in the Sony A7s III

According to the latest source, the Sony A9S will have the newly developed 50mp sensor and it will be able to shoot 8k. Now heres the catch, the source says that it will be an “infant” 8k mode – meaning the A9s wont be able to shoot video in 8k at 60fps, but “only” 8K at 30fps.

The rest of the specs including the new menu will follow the lead of the Sony A7s III.

Sony A9S Price

While the specs look to be promising – the price (which hasn’t been finalised yet according to the rumors source) should be set between $5000 and $5500, a good chunk pricier than Canons EOS R5 which cost $3,899 on its launch day. Sony Alpha Rumors source said, that the price was going to be at around $1,500 more expensive than the EOS R5, which puts it at the top end of the price range.

According to the latest rumors, Sony still hasn’t fully agreed on a price for the Sony A9X, but its to be expected to be around $4,999 – which is in line with previous price speculations.

Sony A9S Release Date

So now, rather than aiming for a release date in line with the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021, it seems like Sony is aiming to present the Sony A9X at the all virtual CES in Las Vegas on the 11th of January 2021.

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