Xcube – the Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographers

We’re normally quite sceptical of Kickstarter campaigns – especially when it comes to Photography related projects as the majority tend to fail or are more hype than substance (with notable exceptions) – but the Xcube:Modular Hardshell Backpack caught our eye.

The Xcube Team has launched an interesting campaign – a hardshell fully customisable camera backpack. Xcube states that their hardshell backpack will be “light yet sturdy, minimalist yet spacious, and the inside is fully customisable with 2 modules and Velcro dividers. It’s also expandable, waterproof, theft-proof and has 15 compartments.”

Apparently backers will have the option of choosing between two sizes – a 26/34L and 32/43L version.

In addition, Xcube claims the hardshell backpack will be up to 2 meters shockproof and 100% waterproof.

Image credit: XCube

Their kickstarter page has a whole bunch of graphs and images and does a fairly good job of explaining their product – and we have to admit, it looks quite promising. The Xcube:Modular Hardshell Backpack Kickstarter Campaign is still on for another 7 days, so you’ve got until the 9th of October 2020 to take part.

The lowest tier contribution is set at $99 and snags you a Cube Pak and 2 extra modules. The campaign has already smashed through their intended goal of $10,000 (its currently collected $139,000) – so money shouldn’t be reason for this interesting camera bag not to be produced.

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